What does beard oil REALLY do???

Lately, I've been getting this question pretty frequently; what does beard oil REALLY do? Condition? Add shine? Smell good? I'm here to tell ya, it does all that plus MUCH more!

Like any product though, results are based on the quality of the product itself. The higher the quality, the more results (and better results) you'll get. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of beard oil brands out there advertising their "miracle" oils. But if we take a minute to read their ingredient lists...it's definitely not something to brag about. From sulfates to freakin' FORMALDEHYDE there is an array of ingredients that you should not be putting anywhere near your beard...or body in general. 

Your best bet is to find an organic beard oil. We obviously recommend Bastard Baby Beard Co beard oils. This beard oil is a blend of 5 organic and cold pressed (extraction process that allows the oil to retain 100% of its nutritional value and aroma) oils that have been sourced from around the world.

So now lets answer the question; what does Bastard Baby beard oil do?

This product - 

  • fights hair loss & aids in growth
  • adds shine
  • conditions & reduces frizz
  • anti inflammatory & anti fungal 
  • prevents pores from clogging (reduces acne)
  • softens skin
  • thickens & strengthens hair
  • reduces skin irritations
  • fights beard dandruff
  • & MUCH MORE.

For any man looking to grow a beard, improve his beard, or just maintain an awesome face 'fro, this oil is as far as you need to look. 

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